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The best metal laser cutters

For most manufacturers, buying an industrial best laser trimming machine is a major investment.

It’s not just the initial price you pay, but the fact that the purchase will have a great impact on the entire manufacturing process.

If the wrong equipment is chosen, you have to live with the decision for quite a long time. It is not unusual to see manufacturers keep a laser for seven to 10 years.

Now this time market in available 1000 w to 25 kw laser cutting machine for different type of material cutting use .

In 2019–2021 , many manufacture of large – scale laser cutting machines emerged .

with the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, CNC laser cutting machine equipment has entered a period of rapid growth with annual growth rte of more 40 % .

At this time there are more than 100 laser manufacturing companies in the market ,

Some are local brand some are international brands .

The major component parts of the similar to the same price range into the time too many companies in market and all give their best , choose the best angle of them .

Han’s laser was founded in 1996 in Shenzhen , china .

Han’s company has strong research and development strength, has a research and development team of 100 of people , and has a number of international invention patents and domestic patents , computer software copyrights .

The company was listed on the Shenzhen stock Exchange in 2004 and currently employs more than 10000 people and has total assets of over 7 billion yuan.

Han’s group has huge range of products list –

Laser marking , laser welding , laser cutting , 3D printing , automation , inspection , CNC , industrial Robot .

Jinan Bodor Laser was established in the year of 2008 .

Bodor laser has own R&D Center in Switzerland there working more than 100 people in R& D Team .
Bodor laser only focus on fiber laser cutting machine it’s result is with in short time period has developed own laser head Bodor Genius , and own controller software is Bodor Pro 2.0 .
Bodor laser team fully dedicated on service and support in all over world .
he has some best feutre in machine like.

Bystrinic DNE was founded in Shenzhen .

It has collaboration between Bystrnic & DNE it has huge market influence , unique service charm and product and market share in the field of laser cutting machines in worldwide.

Bystronic DNE price range is high compare to another china company . The main productes are high power fiber laser cutting machine ( 2000w – 12000w ), and below than ( < 2000w) .

This is the best of all now . Find more details


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